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Jordan FeRoss is one of the few true singer/songwriter/producers left in this world. An American Citizen born in Cairo Egypt and raised in Plano, Texas. Jordan FeRoss has played keys since the age of 5 and composed his first publication at the young age of 7. With the release of his latest single “I Feel Like I’m Flying” which can be bought on all major digital online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and with a music video that can be viewed on YouTube, Jordan has defiantly put his name out there without the help of any big record labels.

I have interviewed Jordan over the phone and asked him if he had any other music that he planned to release in the near future and he said “Of course, I Feel Like I’m Flying” was just a test release to gage the audience’s attention”. He added that as much as he is an artist, he wanted to take a true business approach to his music and set aside his feelings. He said “I want to out the “M” back in Music” and after he let me in on the rest on his upcoming album complete with ten songs, I have no doubt that he would do just that. He incorporated a fusion of the pop music sounds and somehow managed to mix it with some ambient electronic sounds as well as a touch of middle eastern instruments that maintained the integrity of Pop Music Sound without going too deep into other categories. I would say, job well and tastefully done.

Jordan FeRoss has worked with big names such as Hal Fitzgerald, his Audio Engineer, who has worked with artist ranging from Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Hill and R. Kelly as well as Brian Gardner, his Mastering Engineer, who has worked with hundreds of top 10 household names such as the B52’s, Enrique Iglesias, and the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. Jordan is not to be taken lightly, he has worked with the best and with his album “On U” due to be released sometime in the summer of 2011 I would not be surprised at all to see him on every radio station with at least 4 hit songs from that album alone.

Apparently, Jordan has been working on refining his album “On U” which include future pop hits such as “On U”, “Made by the USA, “Rescue Her” and my favorite “Dancing of the Hearts” and many more for over 15 years. You can preview his music on Facebook at: or if you are not a Facebook fan you can preview those same pre-released tracks at

Jordan FeRoss may not be a household name yet, but as a music reviewer, I can put my reputation on the line and say that he simply has the stuff for a pop idol.

I will leave you with a quote that Jordan told me and inspired me “Success is a Choice” – Jordan FeRoss. And my friends, Jordan FeRoss has chosen to succeed, I hope you find his music as exciting and as heartfelt as I found it.

Enjoy the Music!

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Jordan FeRoss, A New Bread Of Musicians / Pop Music

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This article was published on 2011/02/23