A Legend--- Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan has been a great athlete since junior high school. He was interested in many sports especially baseball and basketball. Jordan pitched on the baseball team, played quarter back on the football team and was guard on the basketball team.

Although he was involved in all of these things, he was very unpopular. Mike was teased for the way he looked, his haircut, and the way he stuck his tongue out when he played basketball. Despite all of this criticism Mike had to endure, he came out on top. It wasnt all because of him, but because he had a father behind him helping him to fulfill his dreams. He went on to play at North Carolina, in his freshman year, and in his junior year he was drafted by the Bulls, were he led them to many championships. Late in Mikes game years his father was murdered, he had a hard time with his game, but as you can see, nothing can stop him. And still, everybody wants to be like Mike.

Michael Jordan is someone who will never have to sit back and wonder what they have accomplished in life. Jordan as we know has set records that have yet to be broken and he has accomplished things that were thought to be impossible to accomplish. These are some of his accomplishments on the court. I often wonder what it would feel like to make history by just doing something that I enjoy. Obviously Jordan doesnt have to wonder, he already knows. "At the presumed end of his career, he has created his own line of cologne and clothing, presuming shrewdly that, while no one can be like Mike exactly, the chance to smell and dress like him will be in a world given over to computer generated simulations virtually enough".

As you can see, Michael Jordan is some one who is worth recognition. He is someone who I look up to when it comes to the game. Jordan has accomplished a lot, and it wasnt all fun and games, it took a lot of hard work, practice and effort to be one of the greatest basketball players of all times. Now do you see why everyone wants to be like Mike? Everyone wants the fame, the fortune and the just plain and simply the life that Michael Jordan lives. Jordan is an example that what ever you dream to become, it is possible to become just that. And whatever your goal is, you can reach it, with a little hard work, effort, and commitment.
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A Legend--- Michael Jordan

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This article was published on 2011/01/06